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The Data Appeal Company, together with its owner company Almawave Group, presents its tourism destination analysis platform, Data Appeal Studio, at the ABAV Expo 2022 in Recife, Brazil.

During the event, we will present the first national awards dedicated to the best Brazilian destinations.

The Data Appeal Company becomes the first destination intelligence provider in Brazil

The ABAV Expo, Brazil’s largest tourism expo, which takes place from September 21 to 23, in Recife, will be the stage for the launch of Data Appeal Studio in Latin and South America. With the support of the Almawave Group, we have excelletered our LATM expansion with a dedicated team based in São Paulo.

“Our goal is to democratize data analytics around the globe, in a sustainable and digital way. We have already mapped and monitored over 15 million businesses and points of interest in Brazil and are excited to enter this market that exhibits great growth potential, in the midst of the tourism recovery.”

Mirko Lalli, CEO and Founder of The Data Appeal Company

Data Appeal and Almawave do Brasil: Together for Brazil’s Innovation

Domenico Rossi, CEO of Almawave do Brasil, shares that the arrival of Data Appeal on the national scene reinforces the group’s commitment to innovation and digital transformation of Brazilian organizations.

“Data Appeal is known for its technology, which empowers several fronts of the market. Without a doubt, one of the sectors we have been working on the most is tourism, increasing the capacity of travel agencies, hotels and destinations (DMOs, tourism boards, etc.) to offer better services and infrastructure to travelers. Bringing technological innovation and smart solutions is at the core of our group’s performance.”

Domenico Rossi, CEO of Almawave do Brasil

With an office in São Paulo on the 30th floor of Edifício Itália, Data Appeal’s Brazilian team aims to bring technology into the daily lives of DMOs, destination marketing organizations and tour operators throughout Brazil, expanding data-driven tourism on the national scene.

We are very proud that our technology has helped more and more people access the best tourism experiences around the world,” shares Mirko Lalli. “That’s why we are at Brazil’s biggest tourism fair: we want to highlight how Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and analytics can revolutionize tourism offerings, empowering public and private organizations in their decision-making process, even for the most strategic investments.

Data Appeal Studio and New Opportunities offered by AI for Hospitality, Travel and MICE

Data Appeal Studio provides a comprehensive, up-to-date and accurate market scenario analysis and in-depth understanding of visitor sentiment with respect to the hospitality, food and beverage, attraction/entertainment and transportation industries. It also provides a clear picture of flight and hotel bookings and arrivals in any area – both historically and forecasting in the future.

Our unique combination of data is ideal for predicting trends and developing effective growth and marketing strategies for destinations and their operators,” adds Lalli.

Data Appeal Studio features a powerful Artificial Intelligence (AI) system, proprietary algorithms and KPIs, and a large data lake continuously fed by content from social networks, review sites, air traffic, hotel occupancy and other sources.

This 360-degree overview of a destination and visitor journey supports tourism organizations access actionable insights about their tourism offerings, reputation and visitors behaviors to make smarter and effective decisions.

At the ABAV Expo, we’ll showcase how Data Appeal Studio supports tourism and hospitality brands with improving a brands’ reputation and uncovering their customers’ desires and behaviors in relation to the services offered.

We help public entities know the path taken by tourists, facilitating the strategies and creation of infrastructure needed to best satisfy them and exceed their expectations,” says Lalli.

Brasil Destino Digital Award: Honoring excellence in Brazilian tourism

On September 22th at ABAV, Data Appeal’s CEO will give a keynote speech on how tourism destinations of the future can leverage Big Data and Artificial Intelligence to better understand tourist sentiment and make the most strategic cross-department decisions.

For the first time, we will present the Brasil Destino Digital Awards (Brazil Digital Destination in English). Prizes will be awarded to the states with the best Digital Reputation, in the following categories:

  • General Sentiment
  • Hospitality
  • Natural Reserves
  • Food and Beverage Reputation
  • Attraction and Entertainment Offerings

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