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Data Appeal has been selected as an official Data Provider by the CleverMaps Location Intelligence platform.

CleverMaps, a Czech-based Location Intelligence platform enabling businesses to get actionable insights for their decisions through spatial analysis, has selected The Data Appeal Company as an official data provider. Data Appeal will now supply CleverMaps customers with a powerful combination of geospatial, business information and customer perception data for any point of interest, brand or territory – worldwide.CleverMaps enables businesses across real estate, retail, consumer goods, HORECA and finance to visualize and analyze datasets at a territorial level on a single platform. Their state-of-the-art technology empowers decision makers to select only the most relevant datasets to enrich internal data on their spatial analysis platform, which in turn supports and facilitates strategic business decision making.

“We’re very excited to become a partner of CleverMaps. Our goal is to make our alternative data simple and accessible, and the CleverMaps platform reflects this mission exactly. They make our geolocation and online reputation data easier to visualize and use for companies of any kind, anywhere in the world.”

Mirko Lalli – CEO & Founder The Data Appeal Company

The datasets that Data Appeal will make accessible on the CleverMaps platform range from an in-depth analysis of any Point of Interest in a selected territory (i.e. banks, shops, supermarkets, restaurants, hotels, ATMs, etc.) to Customer Experience Intelligence, the analysis of the perception, behavior and opinions of shoppers.

“Because our data can be leveraged to understand even the smallest detail about any POI, brand, industry or entire territory – from a street to an entire country, having the right visualization is critical for any business manager – says Hannah Babineau, International Partnerships Manager, The Data Appeal Company. The CleverMaps platform is easy to use, fully customizable and seamlessly integrated. What more could you ask for in a business intelligence tool?” 

“Providing Customer Experience Intelligence insights by Data Appeal together with the existing location intelligence through the CleverMaps platform puts together many complex pieces necessary for strategic data-driven decisions. Now organizations can see the bigger picture in one place and make smarter decisions about everything from location planning, resource management to risk mitigation. ”

Ondrej Tomas, CEO & Co-Founder, CleverMaps

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