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Data Appeal has partnered with the Tourism Observatory of Greece to provide point of interest and territory insights on visitor sentiment, behavior and demand.

The new Tourism Observatory of Greece

Winners of the Greek Silver Tourism Award in 2021, the Tourism Observatory is a service that captures the demand and valid direct reservations in hotels, accommodation providers and vacation rentals in specific geographical areas throughout Greece. Created by BookOnlineNow and Nea Mesa, the Tourism Observatory sets out to provide Greek tourism boards and travel operators with comprehensive and accurate information on traveler demand and behaviors.

Data Appeal has joined the observatory to provide up-to-date and comprehensive insights on the hospitality and food and beverage industries as well as attractions, museums and cultural heritage sites throughout the sunny Mediterranean nation.

On the open data observatory, Data Appeal delivers tourism insights on various Greek locations, including:

Tourism Observatory of Greece - 1
Tourism Observatory of Greece - 2
Tourism Obser3vatory of Greece -

“Greece is one of the most popular destinations for travel and we couldn’t be more honored to provide their national Tourism Observatory with data-driven insights and our unique datasets. In the ongoing reopening phase, it’s critical to effectively evaluate your territory and its visitors.  Our main goal is to empower destinations make more informed decisions and investments in their sales strategies and marketing campaigns”, shares Hannah Babineau, International Marketing and Partnerships Manager at The Data Appeal Company.

The Tourism Observatory also analyzes hotel and vacation rental bookings and demand as well as OTA statistics. Moreover, the platform highlights week-by-week changes of number of requests (Demand Trends) and number of reservations (Reservations Trend) for each examined region compared to the reference week. Furthermore, it displays the arrivals booking window of reservations made on OTAs in a specific time period.

“The Covid-19 crisis had an unprecedented impact on the tourism industry, and as a result, many budgets were greatly reduced. Helping destinations monitor and analyze their territory and operators from 360 degrees is invaluable for them to create the right advertising, pinpoint strengths and weaknesses and mitigate risk for a higher ROI (return on investment)”.

Hannah Babineau, International Marketing and Partnerships Manager at The Data Appeal Company

Supporting DMOs and tourism boards become Data-Driven Destinations

Our unique combination of geospatial, sentiment and market intelligence data helps destinations (DMOs), tourism boards and travel-related businesses become more data-driven to make informed decisions and mitigate risk.For more information on our travel-related datasets, discover Data Appeal Studio, the only Travel Intelligence platform. Understand any location, anywhere in the world – from a single road to an entire country.

The top features DMOs & tourism boards rely on: 

  • Anticipate demand & forecast visitors 
  • Measure performance across industries: hospitality, F&B, attractions, etc.
  • Identify target audiences & channels for marketing strategies and campaigns
  • Pinpoint what drives visitors to your destination
  • Evaluate the well-being of your destination
  • Monitor the impact of Covid-19 measures
  • Compare your destination against competitors or time periods
  • Predict arrivals with hotel and flight searches and bookings
  • Data is also available as a report, .csv file or API

Interested in a demo of the platform or a trial for your own destination? 

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