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Data Appeal has joined forces with long-time partner, PredictHQ, in their latest Demand Impact Report: The Great Hospitality Recovery of 2021. The report analyzes the tourism and hospitality industries over the past two years throughout major cities across Europe and the United States to forecast future demand.

The Saga of Rescheduled Events

PredictHQ’s Demand Impact Report focuses on event recovery and trajectory as well as its impact of canceled events on the tourism and hospitality industries throughout the following cities:

  • Austin
  • Las Vegas
  • London
  • Los Angeles
  • New York
  • San Francisco

With a sneak peek at:

  • Amsterdam
  • Barcelona
  • Berlin
  • Paris
  • Rome
  • Stockholm

Using the latest technology, PredictHQ accurately detects the aggravated event impact of 19 major event categories including scheduled events (sports, conferences, expos, concerts, etc.), non-attendance based events (holidays, live TV events, etc.) and unscheduled events (severe weather, terrorist attacks, protests, etc.).

Aggregated Event Impact – United States

tourism demand impact report - 1
tourism trends - predicthq

In the report, access the latest tourism insights on:

  • The current scenario for accommodations in 2021
  • Major event hub reports for the United States
  • International accommodation recovery across Europe
  • How local Covid responses impacted accommodation recovery rates
  • The current wellbeing of the tourism industry and demand forecasts

“Forecasting is the lifeblood of many industries – anticipating demand, so your business can optimize supply of goods and services while avoiding costly waste. Prior to 2020, companies leaned heavily on historical data to predict the future – accepting small fluctuations and losses as the cost of doing business.
Without a historical precedent for this “Great Recovery”, hotels and all other players in accommodations must turn to more sophisticated data modeling to predict future demand. With that in mind, this report analyzes thousands of data points, from hundreds of sources to paint an accurate portrait of the year to come…”

PredictHQ data analysts

The latest tourism insights: are we really on the road to recovery?

For this report, Data Appeal has provided our in-house KPIs, including the Travel Barometer and Sentiment Score to evaluate the effectiveness, perception and and performance of a destination.

The Travel Barometer is a predictive indicator, which forecasts the status and wellbeing of the travel industry for any territory. It measures:

  • Travel search demand and trends
  • Travelers sentiment feedback over Hospitality, F&B, Destinations and Transportation departments
  • Amount of content (review, social post, rating, etc.) and “signals” customers speak about, indicating their willingness and confidence in traveling

Curious to learn more? Download the full report to uncover the latest tourism insights and better understand the impact of events on travel and hospitality.

tourism trends

Learn more about PredictHQ and download the Demand Impact Report!

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