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The Fair Index measures a brand’s commitment to corporate responsibility, sustainability and social equality and the consequential sentiment – positive, negative, or neutral – in both customers and non-customers alike, thus providing companies with the opportunity to control and improve their own social responsibility.

The impact of a business’s CSR

To uncover the impact of a business’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) on customer decision making, Data Appeal and Onde Alte have launched The Fair Index. The Fair Index is the first indicator that measures a brand’s commitment to social responsibility, sustainability and equity and the consequential sentiment of clients. 

Together, Onde Alte, a laboratory of social innovation and The Data Appeal Company, a next-generation data provider have created The Fair Index. This barometer measures how much attention a brand places on responsibility, sustainability and social equity and the resulting sentiment in both customers and non-customers alike. 

In today’s personalization-driven society, customers take loyalty to the next level, becoming ambassadors of the brands they believe in based on their evaluation of how ‘fair’ and just a brand acts, their communication message and supported values. The businesses that generate the most positive sentiment and customer perception have higher reputation, customer loyalty and retention. 

“Data Appeal has always collected and analyzed information about the impact of perception on territories, companies and brands. Today, Data Appeal also analyzes and evaluates a business’s corporate social responsibility.
Our intelligence investigates a business’s commitment to these issues and their resulting reputation. Through artificial intelligence, we’ve automated a complex process of analysis and interpretation, to compare and measure the impact and perception of important issues at both company and regional level.”

Mirko Lalli, CEO & Founder The Data Appeal Company
The Fair Index takes various factors into consideration, including: the environment (The Green Index), The Inclusion Index,The Sustainability Index and responsible business practices (The Responsibility Index). This indicator sets out to evaluate and quantify the commitment a business has for fairness, justice and respect for employees, customers and the environment. 

How important is it for your business to be truly committed to social and environmental issues? What do your customers really think of your CSR initiatives? 

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