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The Data Appeal Company embeds ChatGPT’s technology into the Travel Appeal and D / AI Destinations platforms, combining it with the company proprietary AI . The goal is to help tourism operators respond to reviews and generate reports more quickly and easily.


ChatGPT, Generative AI and the Travel Industry

Generative AI has the potential to empower entire industries, helping businesses optimise their costs, productivity, and efficiency.

The travel industry is no exception.

This is why here at The Data Appeal Company, we’re integrating ChatGPT technology into our tourism tools, Travel Appeal and D / AI Destinations, integrating it with our proprietary AI.

So, by including GPT into our comprehensive solution, we can help businesses make the best use of this revolutionary tool, to grow and flourish even further.

All Travel Appeal clients can now harness the power of artificial intelligence to simplify and speed up one of the most time-consuming day-to-day activities: answering accommodation or restaurant reviews.

We’re also working on releasing another useful feature, powered by generative intelligence, on our all-in-one tourism destination platform D / AI Destinations. Through this tool, which will be available in the coming months, users will be able to create reports with text and graphics to share with partners and stakeholders, at the click of a button.


How Can Our Brand-new GPT Features Help Users in the Travel Industry?

AI Review Responder: Answer Online Reviews in Minutes with ChatGPT technology

For many hoteliers and restaurant owners, answering online reviews can be a real challenge, if not a constant concern.

Reading through all the feedback, deciding whether and how to reply, choosing the right tone of voice is, undoubtedly, a burdensome task.

That’s why we decided to leverage the new GPT technology to provide online reputation manager Travel Appeal users with an AI-based automatic responder, able to generate the right reply for any review, in any language, in just a few seconds.

Simply click the “reply” button, choose the length and tone of voice (friendly, professional, ironic, etc.), and the AI will be able to generate the response in real-time. If you are not sure about the answer, you can ask for a new one and modify it according to your needs.


AI Report Generator: Creating Reports with Text and Images Based on Data from D / AI Destinations

D / AI Destinations, the first all-in-one platform for destination management and destination marketing, will feature a dedicated area to generate PDF reports with the platform’s graph function. These reports can make sharing results and improvements with operators, stakeholders, and shareholders as easy as possible.

Plus, through the use of generative AI, the platform’s data will also create descriptive texts through ChatGPT.


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