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The Data Appeal Company, with support of our new parent company, Almawave, expands into the Latin and South American markets with a new, dedicated team in Brazil.

A dedicated business unit in Sao Paulo, Brazil

The Data Appeal Company, an Almawave Group subsidiary and European leader in tourism, fintech and Location Intelligence, enters the Latin and South American markets with a dedicated business unit in Sao Paulo, Brazil to drive international expansion. The Brazilian city has housed Almawave do Brasil’s headquarters for 12 years and is a strategic location for business development in the LATAM market.

This new team consists of destination and location intelligence experts and data analysts committed to bring alternative-data based solutions closer to organizations across the tourism, retail, consumer goods (FMCG), real estate and finance industries.
Data Appeal Seeks to expand our position in non-European markets, particularly within Latin America. Our mission is to simplify and democratize geospatial data, consumer insights and market trends to empower both private and public organizations to make more strategic decisions and investments.

“We’ve incredibly proud of the success we’ve achieved in the European market. With the support of our parent company Almawave, we’re entering South America with a new office in Sao Paulo. Our objective is to speak with South American organizations and destinations and learn about the challenges they are facing to support them integrate data into their practices. By simplifying and democratizing a vast collection of datasets, we want all organizations to embrace a data driven approach.”

Mirko Lalli, Data Appeal’s CEO & Founder

Tourism Intelligence to empower Destinations become data-driven

One of the main sectors that Data Appeal supports is travel. We’re bringing tourism intelligence closer to DMOs, (destination management organizations), tourism boards and travel organizations that want to enhance their decision-making based on data and real-time trends, tourist sentiment and other relevant KPIs like popularity, events, flight and hotel searches, bookings and arrivals and more.

By leveraging a variety of tourism data all in one place, Data Appeal Studio, our destination analysis platform, highlights the most relevant data-driven insights on flights, hotels, events, visitor behaviors, points of interest, Sentiment, Popularity and more.

European DMOs from the Region of Veneto to Visit Berlin, have added Data Appeal Studio into their day-to-day routine. From the platform, destinations can analyze the current tourism outlook, including visitor profiles, sentiment trends and flight and hotel bookings to predict future market trends and develop effective growth and marketing strategies for the entire destination and its operators.

“Almawave – and the Almaviva Group in general – has had a strong presence in South America for over 12 years, becoming more strategic over time for the development of our businesses. A few months after the acquisition of The Data Appeal Company, we further expand our operations through a team of professionals who are highly specialized in high growth potential sectors – primarily tourism. Tourism-focused countries such as Mexico, Brazil and Argentina will benefit from the wealth of skills and technologies that our experts are bringing around the world”.

Valeria Sandei, CEO of Almawave

Revolutionizing the Retail, Real Estate and Consumer Goods industries with global points of interest datasets and Location Intelligence

Data Appeal is also active across retail, fast-moving consumer goods and real estate thanks to our global and up-to-date data lake.

Our unique mix of geospatial data, consumer insights and market trends is ideal for location intelligence use cases.

The main applications of our KPIs and solutions include Site & Distributor Selection, Market Expansion, Competitive Intelligence and Out-of-home Media & Advertising.

Organizations from Campari to Vodafone have integrated our intelligence to transform data into concrete actions.

Unlike a standard data analysis, which offers static data and one-time results, Location Intelligence and near real-time data point-of-interest datasets provide dynamic and continuously updated analyses and forecasts.

Data Appeal defines the true reputation of businesses for more accurate credit scoring and improved underwriting

Traditional financial information is no longer enough to make the right decisions when it comes to underwriting a loan, evaluating an investment, or mitigating the risk associated with a new business.

Data Appeal supports major national banking institutions with the most complete and reliable set of Alternative Data on the market. Our qualitative analysis on businesses enriches internal datasets to validate and complete customer profiles and enhance credit scoring algorithms.

Alternative Data allows lenders to take their evaluation one step further, by analyzing the reputation of both the business requesting the loan and the products and/or services they sell. The perception and level of appreciation expressed by customers is a very accurate predictive parameter for the future performance of a company.

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