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How-To Guide: A market expansion strategy for retailers in Amsterdam

How can a retail company gain market share in a competitive and fast-growing market like Amsterdam?

The retail industry, along with others, are evolving at a rapid pace. They need to adapt to changes in consumer behavior and shifting economic landscapes. In such times, it’s more important than ever to have data and key insights laying the base of their strategic decisions.

Leveraging Location Intelligence tools to analyze the region in question is not only faster than traditional methods, but the most effective way to lay the groundwork for your retail’s store expansion success.

We illustrate a how-to / step-by-step guide how a retail company can achieve a data-driven store expansion in Amsterdam using location intelligence. The following approach can be applied to other sectors as well such as franchises, stores etc.

*The data sample used encompasses a 5KM radius of central Amsterdam.


  • Step 1: How to select the most strategic new market for retail expansion
  • Step 2: Location, Location, Location. How retailers can use Location Intelligence
  • Step 3: Pinpointing the most popular areas in Amsterdam
  • Step 4: Identify high-growth potential areas for retail stores
  • Step 5: Competitor Analysis: Identify the most in-demand businesses in your industry
  • Step 6: Determine the most successful points of sale for distribution
  • Combining quantitative and qualitative data: A retail brand’s secret weapon
  • Transforming data into concrete actions

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