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Destination AI is an incredible fusion of Almawave Group’s composite AI technologies and Data Appeal’s destination-specific platform.

Destination AI: a pioneering assistant for effective destination management

This innovative module, powered by generative artificial intelligence (the same technology used by ChatGPT), assists tourist destinations in analysing data from various sources, helping them manage their destination effectively and efficiently by providing timely advice and guidance on current trends.

The tool acts as a helpful assistant for industry operators, streamlining decision-making processes and quickly adjusting marketing strategies to meet the needs and desires of travellers.

This technology will transform tourism and destination-specific data provided by Data Appeal in real time by artificial intelligence into personalised advice and recommendations for the tourist destination, as shown in this video.


What makes the tool unique?

  • It is a tool with a clear and easy-to-use interface: all the destination manager has to do is submit a question. This, in turn, will provide an answer accompanied by images and graphics from Data Appeal’s destination management platform.


destination AI ha una interfaccia chiara e semplice da utilizzare: basta fargli una domanda


Destination AI fornisce risposte testuali corredate da immagini e grafici
  • Destination AI will also generate visual content that can be used immediately on social media to promote the destination.
  • It uses personalised content and data analysis of traveller behaviour and industry trends to help destinations take swift action based on the insights gained.


Destination AI fornisce grafiche basate sui dati elaborati da condividere subito sui social per promuovere al destinazione





Artificial intelligence trained on TDAC’s exclusive and proprietary data and the result of more than ten years of experience in the travel and data industry

Two key features distinguish Destination AI from other tools based on generative artificial intelligence, such as ChatGPT:

  • The AI is trained, i.e. it bases its responses on a unique combination of exclusive and proprietary data from Data Appeal and other specialised tourism sources. In other words, the smart assistant can offer the destination a unique and exclusive response that cannot be replicated by any other AI-based tool.
  • Data Appeal and Almawave have decades of experience in the tourism industry, which guarantees hyper-specialised training in artificial intelligence to eliminate any risk of inaccurate responses.


Data Appeal e Almawave vantano un data lake proprietario in continua crescita e dieci anni di esperienza nel settore



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