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Download the latest travel report complete with trends and forecasts related to the top tourism destinations around the globe – from Brazil and Italy to Seville and Berlin.
Discover how travel data can help you take the guesswork out of destination management.


360° of Tourism Data to Maximize your Destination’s Competitiveness

Tourism data and traveler behavior insights are improving and simplifying destination management strategies. 

For a DMO, DMC or tourism organization, being conscious about what’s happening in your destination is the best starting point. 

  • Take the guesswork out of destination management
  • Measure your marketing campaign efforts and maximize ROI
  • Effectively launch new services and targeted investments
  • Improve the visitor experience and exceed their expectations

The Data Appeal Company has gathered a variety of unique tourism insights about a variety destinations at the country region and city level: Italy, Brazil, Vento, Piedmont, Amsterdam, Seville, Berlin. Download the free report below! 


What will you find inside the report?

  • A closer look at tourism in Italy, Brazil, Seville, Amsterdam, Berlin, Piedmont and Veneto. 
  • Flight booking trends & traveler behavior insights 
  • Most discussed, appreciated and critiqued aspects of the visitor journey  
  • Destination Benchmarking
  • Top Attractions Analysis
  • … and more

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