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European tourism is going through one of the toughest periods throughout history and Italy has not made it out unscathed. Needless to say, the industry was at a stalemate during the beginning of the pandemic, with nearly zero air and hotel bookings and tourist flows. Things have improved over the course of 2020, but much doubt still remains. With this inside look at Italian Tourism post Covid-19, a picture emerges. Tourism, after a breath of fresh air in the summer, once again languishes, both within hospitality and airline industry.The good news is that travelers have never stopped dreaming of Italy and are ready to pack their bags again – as soon as possible!

So, what can we expect now?

To go beyond hypotheses and assumptions, Data Appeal and Sojern have joined forces to analyze the most up-to-date data on Italian tourism – looking at today’s scenario and where we’re headed in the future. On a global level, during the lockdown, both the hospitality sector and the airline industry reached -90% of bookings. Today, while the hotel sector is stabilizing at -45%, the airline industry remains at -60%.

Inside this exclusive report, you’ll find:

  • Online content trends about Italian accommodation properties
  • Flight search and booking trends to Italy over the past six months and upcoming winter and spring seasons
  • An in-depth composition of traveler origin for the next six months

Download the Free Report about the European Tourism / Italy Focus :

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