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Italia Tourism – Customer sentiment, online content, visitor composition and the perception of anti-Covid measures: nothing is left out of the 2020 Edition of the All Italian Data Report.

The Data Appeal Company and Travel Appeal, our subsidiary entirely dedicated to tourism and hospitality, release the new edition of All Italian Data, the first and only report dedicated evaluating the perception of Italian tourism. The report was presented at the TTG Travel Experience in partnership with Best Western Italy, Maggioli Group, the Human Company and Sojern.

Every region of Italy and their 470 thousand points of interest – accommodations, restaurants, attractions and short-term rentals – have been experienced across 21 million visitor opinions. These reviews and opinions provide us with an accurate overview of how Italian tourism is represented, in the eyes of both Italians and foreigners.

Here’s a sneak peek of the data inside the report: 

  • Reviews and online content related to Italian tourism has fallen by 68% in the last six months
  • Friendliness and welcomingness are the most appreciated topics in the hospitality sector (Sentiment 94)
  • Visitors from Paraguay love Italian cuisine more than any other nationality (Sentiment 95.2)

Italian Tourism Report 2020

Award-winning Regions – Who takes the prize?

Each year, we also award the regions based on a variety of criteria. What’s the most popular region? Which region is most welcoming in the eyes of visitors? Which region is most reliable for their anti-Covid measures?

With the All Italian Data analysis, Data Appeal identified and rewarded the Italian regions who performed exceptionally.

We’ve expanded this year’s edition to encompass the significant impact of Covid-19 on global tourism. We award the businesses and regions who, despite the difficult and unpredictable economic situation, have resisted and enhanced their offers, doing their best to make travelers feel welcome and safe.

The Prizes Awarded:

  • Region with the Best Reputation
  • Most Reviewed Region
  • Most Hospitable Region
  • Region Most Loved by Foreign Visitors 
  • Region with the Best Food and Wine Reputation

2020 Special Awards 

  • Covid Safety Index (CSI) Award
  • Region with the Best OTA Strategies in Response to Covid-19
  • Region with the Fastest Growing Reputation 

Uncover all the Italian Data and discover the award-winning regions!

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