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Around the world, the Covid-19 crisis and resulting lockdown has had – and continues to have – an unprecedented impact on the global economy.

In the first few weeks alone, Italian hotel and accommodation properties recorded an increase in cancellations and refunds, impacting online reviews on these topics (4% of total reviews versus a near-zero value in the same period of 2019) as a direct result of the coronavirus. On the other hand, the food and beverage sector has recorded an increase of online feedback, referencing home deliveries and takeaway (14.4% of the total) with a positive sentiment (between 68.4% and 88.9%).

The crisis may have stopped social gatherings, but not online reviews

While the majority of industries have witnessed their economic activities and accounts receivable freeze, many customers have not stopped sharing their experiences and perception of products and services online. These reviews and online content are invaluable to uncover insights and better understand consumer behavior as we move forward into a post-quarantine society.

What are the new expectations of consumers? How are people perceiving actions taken by businesses in the recovery phase? What are their recurring fears? How will purchasing funnels and behaviors change?


Sanitization management, waiting in lines and new shopping experiences… There are many outstanding questions and reopening is imminent.

The reopening of economic activities and services is quickly approaching, but doubts about the best way to move forward within the new phase remain. To better understand the impact of Covid-19 on a destination or individual Point of Interest and forecast its path towards recovery, The Data Appeal Company has developed the Covid Safety Index.

The Covid Safety Index consists of geolocated data, POI information, reputational data, feedback and online content. It’s calculated by cross-analyzing the sentiment, perception and expectations of locals and visitors with the value and confidence levels of ongoing Covid-19 security and safety precautions. The index collects all online content shared by users in regards to the coronavirus, identifying the main factors related to the crisis and the most recurring themes. A score is then assigned, enabling managers and marketers to better conceptualize the impact on their businesses or destination, guiding them towards recovery and a “new” normal.

Everyone is watching… It’s crucial to start off on the right foot 

Providing your customers with a positive, safe and sanitary experience has never been more critical. The Covid Safety Index enables you to monitor and evaluate customer reactions – in real time – about the security and organization measures any shop, restaurant or hotel has put in place.

    • Which services and establishments are operating and to which extent? (delivery, pick-up, in-store)
    • What are the expectations of locals and visitors? Do they perceive your service as safe, secure and sanitized?
    • How have consumer habits changed? What are future consumer trends?
    • How are you managing the line outside of your store or restaurant? Are customers praising or criticizing your efforts? 
    • Are we heading towards a more eCommerce society? How have payment transactions changed?

The Covid Safety Index sets out to answer the questions, providing data-driven insights and answers to aid managers, marketers and front-line operators.

This unique KPI is available via API and can be integrated into any business intelligence platform. The KPI will also be implemented into Data Appeal Studio, the most accurate human experience intelligence solutions for both individual businesses and entire destinations.

Discover how the Covid Safety Index will help you stay in control and manage your business with confidence.

Explore the Covid Safety Index

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