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Retail and Apparel Site Selection Guide: Selecting Strategic Locations in NYC

How can apparel retailers leverage the power of location intelligence to choose the ideal location for their business? 

In the world of apparel retail, the conversation has moved from in-store to online experiences. Many believe that people now prefer shopping through e-commerce rather than visiting traditional brick-and-mortar stores.

However, despite the rise of online shopping, in-store shopping remains crucial and is still the top choice for many.

In fact, according to the PWC’s June 2023 Global Consumer Insights Pulse Survey, in-store shopping still makes up 40% of weekly purchases, compared to just 27% made online. 

While trends and needs evolve, so does the innovation aimed at improving in-store operations, including site selection. This is where location intelligence, the utilisation of data to learn location-based trends and patterns, becomes essential. 

In our free eBook, we show how a business can smartly expand in Central Manhattan using location intelligence. And while this method works for all business types, we’ll focus on an apparel store as an example.

To do this, we conducted a sample analysis using data from The Data Appeal Company, visualised on our partner Mapidea‘s platform, and we’ll guide you through the following processes: 

  • Step 1: Pinpoint the most popular areas
  • Step 2: Identify untapped opportunities
  • Step 3: Discover high-growth potential areas for retail stores
  • Step 4: Competitor analysis: Gain visibility from competitors
  • Step 5: Locate other businesses that attract the right target
  • Step 6: Find the most successful resellers and distributors

Ready to uncover some of the top-performing locations in Manhattan?

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