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Now, more than ever, tourism destinations and operators need to understand as much as possible about tourism customers and visitors. Knowing how they behave (and will act in the future) is essential to respond to their needs accordingly and engage with them in timely, effective and efficient ways. 

By leveraging the right data and knowing how to use it, we can help the tourism recovery process and enable more sustainable tourism.

In the Traveltech for Scotland online event “Doing Data Better for Tourism”, four industry speakers, Brendan Miles from The List, Sam Rhynas from Effini,  Alistair Carty from Wilderness Insights and Diego Acuna from The Data Appeal Company, revealed how to use data strategically to enhance business planning and decision-making.


Watch the webinar below! 

Leveraging Data Insights to improve Destination Marketing & Planning

Knowing the expectations and preferences of a target market is a fundamental element to define a successful territorial marketing strategy for any tourist destination.

To highlight the growing importance of sentiment data for the tourism industry, Diego Acuna, Country Manager – UK at Data Appeal, revealed some exclusive insights and shared how Data Appeal uses real-time traveler behaviour data, including a real-life destination example. Diego also disclosed the best tactics to empower tourism operators and destination marketing organizations (DMOs) to embrace a data-driven strategy and see through the eyes of visitors in order to improve the overall visitor experience of a destination.

Here’s a sneak peak of what you’ll learn in the webinar: 

  • Diego Acuna, our UK Country Manager will share the most recent insights on visitor Sentiment across traveler origin, typology and language
  • Brendan Miles of The List will reveal why live events data is important to tourism, the state of the events industry and where it’s going
  • Sam Rhynas of Effini will discuss why SME’s need a data strategy and where things can go wrong
  • Alistair Carty of Wilderness Insights will demystify sensor technology, share what information sensors can obtain and what insights they can provide

Watch the webinar

Traveltech Report 2021

Recently Traveltech for Scotland commissioned the study “Traveltech Report 2021”, featuring a case study of Data Appeal Studio.

Now in its seventh year, the report highlights how the tourism sector has changed, who were the top performers through the year, and the challenges and opportunities the UK faces as it navigates out of the pandemic and leaving the EU.

Download the free report

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